Choose from one of our luxurious ESPA essential oils to suit your specific mood or needs; Detoxifying - Energising - Fitness - Resistance - Restorative - Soothing - Nourishing

Top to Toe Massage – 75 min      £43.00
Full Body Massage – 60 min      £37.00
Back, Neck & Shoulder – 30 min     £27.00 | 45 min     £32.00
Deep Tissue Massage – 60 min     £45.00

Add hot stones to any of the above for an extra £6.00

Mini Facial & Back Massage – 60 min     £50.00


Crystal Wand Massage – 45 min     £40.00
Primarily a soothing deep tissue back massage, which includes back of legs, soles of feet and neck. An Eastern type of massage which works on the body’s energies to relieve stress, loosen muscle tissue, release tension and toxins, relieve aching joint and boosts the immune system, Promotes health and well being. The combination of the Indian crystal wands, massage and heat allow for a much more deep tissue treatment.


Colon Candle Therapy – 60 min     £40.00
This treatment is a non-intrusive and effective alternative to colonic irrigation and works at the deepest level to flush the bodies systems. Specialist abdominal, hip and thigh drainage massage techniques to help colon cleansing, boost circulation and reduce fluid retention. 
Cleansing the colon with deep abdominal massage completes the purifying effect. This is combined with a HOPI NAVAL CANDLE.


Hopi Ear Candle Therapy – 45 min     £30.00
Ear candle have purely physical function, a light suction action (chimney) and the movement o the flame creates a vibration of air in the candle, generating a massage like effect on the ear drum. This includes a pleasant feeling of warmth and a balance of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses.
It is extremely soothing and helpful for earache, headache, ear infections, tinnitus, stress, throat infections. Relieves colds and can help balance the inner ear prior to flying. 
Suitable for children. Cannot be performed if grommets are present or perforated ear drums.

Hot Stone Massage – 75 min     £55.00
The ancient art of stone massage is the method to achieve physical and spiritual balancing. Working in harmony using various massage techniques, the warm stones relax the body at its deepest level.
A fabulous deep tissue treatment.


Indian Head Massage – 45min     £35.00
Indian head massage is an ancient massage using Ayurvedic healing, which has been using for thousands of years. The aim of the massage is to release the stress in the muscles and joints of the scalp. Face, neck and shoulders. 
The techniques used involve a variety of pressure points that tap into your ‘7 chakras’ to encourage healing, balance and total relaxation in the body.


Reflexology – 45 min     £36.00
AN ancient form of therapy – by working on the feet and pressure points of the feet, we can balance the flow of energy through the body and help correct body functioning. 
Used to treat; stress depression, back problems, sinus problems, asthma, bladder/kidney and many more ailments.
Suitable for Pregnancy


Reiki – 45 min     £35.00
Reiki restores balance allowing the individual to accelerate their own recovery by boosting tier own energy levels and immune system. This allows the body to deal with illness and pains from subdued spirits or emotional upsets often gain the most from the Reiki treatments, however this is a thoroughly relaxing treatment for all.